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Hair Balancing

posted by Soul Salons    |   August 28, 2017 09:04
  First things first, What is Hair Balancing? Hair balancing is a holistic healing haircut that enhances health, hair, energy, and appearance, while a person's preferred style is created using a specific sacred geometric pattern. The healing art also balances the acupuncture and craniosacral systems, releasing deep scalp tension. This gives the client an energy attunement and relaxation treatment as well.  Hair Balancing can stimulate hair growth, prevent hair loss, bring out natural curl and wave, and increase the body and volume of hair. The process is so precise, that the design often lasts two or three times longer than a conventional haircut.    How did I hear about Hair Balancing? On a serendipudous trip to Maui, I found a set of crystal hair combs alongside a book called 'Awakening Hair- How to care for your cosmic antenna' written by Laura Sullivan and Linda Deslaurier. The owner of the shop where I found this book explained to me these ladies do " this special haircut."     Intrigued, I came home and began researching everything I could about these ladies, their book and this special haircut they did. I ended up calling one of the authors, Laura and asked her to teach me everything she knew about hair! A few months later and after a week of intense one on one training in Washington, I became the first Canadian to be taught Hair Balancing.   Here are a few things to note before booking your Hair Balancing session.  *Sessions are generally an hour and a half long. With an additional thirty minute face to face consultation if you are a new client.  * A thorough questionnaire is to be filled out and can be emailed to you before your session. *Come with clean, dry hair. Please refrain from wearing your hair in a ponytail that day if possible. *There will be no styling besides what it will naturally do on its own. At most, we will re-wet the hair and use a little bit of our water soluble product. The reason, is to contain the energy we just created. Irons, dryers, and harsh product can alter the positive energy just created in our session.  *Pricing. Sessions are a limited time offer of $99+ tax or $95 cash.   *You can book online, through email or text. Please remember to book a consultation first if you are a new client.              I look forward to sharing the magic of this lost healing art with you!

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